Join Us Today In Educating & Supporting Youth

Creating a new school provides FIN Prep the opportunity to design and implement replicable interventions that develop the whole youth — academically, socially, and emotionally. Moreover, it is critical we change the trajectories of life outcomes for homeless youth.

To combat the risk factors induced and magnified by transiency FIN Prep proposes that school serves as a hub that incorporates strategies to support positive youth development.

Our model encompasses stabilization, wrap-around support, college preparatory curriculum, social-emotional development, and life literacy skills acquisition.

FIN Prep’s model for educating disproportionately impacted student populations have broader impacts beyond test scores and graduation rates. Our goal to integrate academics and support structures prioritizes youth and family stabilization, to create pathways of access and disruption to generational poverty. FIN Prep is applying a continuum of care approach to its school design.

FIN Prep approaches youth wellness and student achievement from a systems perspective of promotion, reduction, and prevention. The goal is to retain students through high school graduation in preparation for college, career, and independence. We conceptualize policies and practices aligned within the system to promote academic achievement and well-being, reduce risky and harmful behaviors, and lessen instability.

We know it is essential to adopt various pedagogical approaches to teaching and supporting socially marginalized groups, whose resilience, knowledge, and skills often go unrecognized and unacknowledged.