Future Is Now Preparatory

Reimagining Education for Resilient Youth

Future Is Now Preparatory is a small, college- and 21st career-ready grades 6-12 span learning community whose mission is to increase the upward mobility of the most vulnerable youth populations residing within the County of Los AngelesSelf-agency and persistence are nurtured by building on youth’s innate resilience. 

The foundation of FIN Prep is educational parity can be achieved through adequate support. We offer academic and wrap-around supports to ensure students are able to successfully navigate academics and develop holistically.

We are opening with a founding cohort of 150 students in grades 6th through 11th.  We will grow the FIN Prep into a college- and 21st-century world-ready program that spans grades 6-12th.  FIN Prep’s recruitment will target North County, South Los Angeles and South Bay area communities. Enrollment is open to all students, throughout Los Angeles County.


Our Educational Philosophy

Future Is Now Preparatory envisions a culturally responsive student-centered community of learning and positive youth development where students are thriving. Students are supported in knowledge and skills acquisition, and prepared for college and work readiness.

FIN Prep will implement programs and services that develop the whole youth academically and social emotionally.

•  Students As Leaders

•  Social & Emotional Learning

•  Small School Design

•  Wrap-Around Support

•  College & Work Ready Curriculum

•  Highly Engaged Families

•  Empowered Educators

•  Holistic Setting


Core Beliefs

Our 5 core beliefs define the elements of an iterative culture of nurturing and innovation for the students and adults in our greater school community.

•  An Unwavering Belief In All Students

•  Passion for Excellence

•  Personal Responsibility

•  Respect for others and the community

•  All stakeholders are critical in the education process