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This is the time for those committed to disrupting poverty to step up. This is the time for those dedicated to a fossil fuel-free green energy economy to step up. These two challenges are linked in such a dramatic fashion. We will go as far as our workforce will take us. And our current state of workforce education is sadly missing this moment. In the years ahead, will we look back and question, were we as bold as our times call for? Or will we ignore our promising future by hoping and waiting for those trained in the status quo to create change? It is time for all of us to step up.


According to the AQMD, half of the Los Angeles Basin's harmful, poisoned air comes from high-powered trucks, buses, and cars. Our Los Angeles Unified School District has 3500 buses, trucks, and cars. Under bold leadership from LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, 80 new EV school buses were added at $600,000 a piece to replace dangerous fossil fuel vehicles. We can complement this bold move by converting existing school buses to EVs for $75,000! And we will create an IBEW-climate corps of Los Angeles's resilient youth with a clear path to high-wage green jobs!


Future Is Now Schools, in partnership with IBEW Local 11, Los Angeles Trade Tech College, Jobs That Move America, ValleyCan, Centinela Youth Services, and Homeboy Industries, are proposing a affiliated partnership union charter school (inspired by LAUSD Boardmembers Goldberg and Melvoin!) CTE school model with LAUSD. Our focus is on pre-apprentice green job, electrical workers from the neighborhoods most effected by pollution. Not only will we create a tangible school model that partners with unions/districts/community groups, but we will apprentice new teachers and school leaders to seed efforts within LAUSD. Math and science proficiencies levels in this state amongst Latino and African American scholars are below 20%. We will create dramatic improvement with relevance to work curriculum. We will open fall 2024 with a founding class of 100 and grow to 450. We will scale to six schools throughout Southern California.


We are responsible for developing and preparing our youth for positive life outcomes. We have an obligation to lead. The Future Is Now.


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