Photo: L.A. teacher Amy LesermanLos Angeles teacher Amy Leserman is blogging about teacher-led action.

Amy Leserman has held a variety of leadership roles as a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). But she can never shake the feeling that important decisions are often handed down from the top, with little or no teacher input.

“If the voice of boots-on-the-ground classroom teachers could be heard, that could shape policy that positively impacts student life,” says Amy.

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Taking Action through Writing

Before she came to education, Amy worked as a business writer in industry.

Now, she is using this experience to tell the stories of teacher-led action and reform that are going on around her.

She is blogging regularly on Future Is Now’s website, and seeks to be published in other outlets to spread the word about work teachers are doing to improve their profession and their students’ outcomes.

“Teachers’ voices have been almost entirely absent from discussions about what works and what doesn’t in education circles,” Amy points out.

“I am eager to be heard and help other classroom teachers speak their truths, as well.”