CA Teachers Corps


CA Teacher Corps/SB933


This document offers a set of ideas for a proposed California Teacher Corps Apprenticeship Program (CA Teacher Corps). The aim of the program is to prepare up to 100,000 teachers over the next dozen years to serve in the most challenging environments and the most in-demand subjects in California’s public schools.  CA Teacher Corps.  aims to prepare teachers to teach in high need schools in the Common Core areas of English/language arts (including literacy in history/social science) and mathematics, ready individuals to teach the Next Generation Science Standards, and fill all-too-common vacancies in special education and classes for English learners. Current conditions in California create a perfect storm of opportunity for this new and targeted teacher preparation program.

To read more about The California Teacher Corps Apprenticeship Program, click here.


To read the CA Teachers Corps (SB933), click here.


SB933 Fact Sheet

To see a copy of SB933 Fact Sheet, click here.





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