Future Is Now is developing a 6-12th College and Work Ready Span School Serving Los Angeles Fostered Youth.

Future Is Now Preparatory is committed to its mission, increasing the upward mobility of disadvantaged youth residing within Los Angeles County by advocating connectedness, promoting self-efficacy, developing self-agency and strengthening persistence within a culturally responsive student-centered community of learning and positive youth development.

Future Is Now Preparatory envisions a student-centered community of learning focused on fostering student success by minimizing environmental and psychosocial barriers; and, where all students thrive, and feel valued and safe.   Students, who are among Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable children and youth populations, are supported in knowledge and skill acquisition, graduation and college readiness.

Future Is Now Preparatory believes in the latent potential of all youth, especially foster youth.   Often services directed to disadvantaged youth are reactionary with the social welfare and educational services provided adversely impacted by multiple residential and school placements. Given the right support structures, disadvantaged-youth build on their innate resilience in the face of adversity and instability, and, can achieve educational parity and improved life outcomes.

Statement of Need

The county of Los Angeles is home to a third of the State’s fostered-youth, 33,000 youth; many of whom reside in out of home placements. Fostered-youth often suffer traumatic effects of neglect or abuse, and of being uprooted from siblings, extended family, friends, schools, and neighborhoods. Coordinated cross-agency collaboration is needed to increase stability through targeted wrap-around services and instruction to improve the human condition for youth through skills and knowledge acquisition.   Foster-youth deserve a school that exhibits a student-centered approach towards the holistic development of children and youth; educational performance, social-emotional development, and life literacy skills acquisition.

Most children in the foster care system experience a series of trauma that impact their mental health (Fox, 2016). Impaired mental health is correlated with significant impairment in daily functioning and diminished academic performance.   Moreover, each detainment or placement relocation can lead to inconsistent attendance due to change of schools and delayed enrollment in new schools. Moreover, fostered – youth are more likely to become homeless, incarcerated, or dependent on social services.

The planning team, staff and advisory group, of Future Is Now Preparatory have an awareness of the breadth and depth of the unique needs of under-resourced youth populations from professional lenses and personal perspectives; former foster youth, foster parents, and social workers and educators who have worked with foster youth.   The planning team understands students are impacted by their complex layered environment and interdependent systems of relationships, and uses this awareness to inform the design of the school. Operationalizing the goal and the promise of a 21st Century education must lead to higher quality of life outcomes for students of Future Is Now Preparatory. All students will have a personalized education plan to meet their educational and social needs, and to provide a pathway for success.

Future Is Now Preparatory promotes knowledge and skill acquisition necessary for students to increase their academic participation as scholars, and navigate the global community as responsible local and digital citizens. Students are guided to rewrite their personal narratives through support, exposure and awareness, and experiential learning.   Additionally, Future Is Now Preparatory will cultivate “edupreneurs” by nurturing career and entrepreneurial skills to address immediate financial needs of students.

School Community

Too often educational outcomes for at-risk youth are tertiary considerations after safety and residency. Older youth are at risk of constant transition and detainment— numerous caregiver placements, juvenile incarceration, and transitional housing for youth aging out of the foster-care system.

Future Is Now Prep prioritizes education as a fundamental right of youth, and the primary environment to coordinate the continuum of services that under-resourced youth require. The core elements of FIN Prep’s Education Plan nurture positive youth development— academically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

As demonstrated by the Seed Schools in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C., public charter boarding schools can achieve success with students like those who will attend FIN Prep. Additionally, students in our target area of Los Angeles County who have attended Green Dot Public Schools have achieved greater success than similar schools in the same area.

100% of the students will be eligible for free school lunch as the school will focus and recruit at-risk you, including fostered youth, probation juvenile justice youth and homeless youth.

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