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Oakland teacher Benjie AchtenbergOakland middle-school teacher
Benjie Achtenberg

Benjie Achtenberg is a sixth-year middle school teacher in the Oakland Unified School District. He is deeply invested in Oakland’s teachers union, the Oakland Education Association (OEA). In addition to being his school’s site representative for a fourth straight year, he recently concluded a leadership stint as a member of the union’s executive board.

Working with veteran teachers in the union, Benjie has been a part of the OEA's effort to modernize by taking their election processes online. Thanks to their efforts, the union completed its first online ballot initiative in March 2014.

Benjie has also made a commitment to strengthening the union’s involvement of newer teachers, as well as focusing OEA’s attention on the broader issues of professionalization and teacher voice that matter most to early-career educators. He currently steers a committee seeking to revamp teacher induction in the Oakland public schools.

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